Sneak peak

    My kind of meditation.

    Anyone who can guess who this bronze goddess is? That was a clue, by the way… I’m almost done, but I’m not completely happy with it yet. So I really have something to keep myself busy with this weekend before I start with a new one. I always find myself getting a little bit tired of what I’m working on after a while, especially if I’m struggling and have to repaint parts several times. It’s always the last parts that are the most stubborn to get right. Right now I got some issues with the acrylic paints that doesn’t want to act the way I want them to. I’ve also been working a lot and that’s not helping my motivation one bit… 

    Duele el corazón

    Them macros will have to do.

    And the weekend came again after all. I bet no one is grieving that fact tho. After a workweek on the tougher side is the weekend much welcomed. I’ve been planning to do everything I don’t feel like doing during the weekdays (on the days when working especially), but I still manage to find myself in front of the computer doing nothing useful. Everything is in its’ order then…

    This weekend I’ve so far… Missed the sun. Sobbed while watching ‘Me Before You’. Painted, painted and painted a little more. Been makeup-free. Cursed and stressed over a hockey game. Thought about dying my hair. Relaxed to the maximum. Related to Bridget Jones. Wanted to take a walk. Eaten chocolate instead. Took that walk anyways. Watched way too many episodes of  The O.C. Had the biggest urge to go shopping. Wanted to take the next plane to Spain or Italy. Spent hours on Pinterest. Listened to one of my favorite song ‘Duele el corazón’ on repeat. Felt inspired. Written a pointless blog post. Go weekend!

    Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray

    Perhaps the best setting spray in the biz.

    A good setting spray for me is a must for my makeup to stay in place all day, especially on special occasions. Back in the days when I didn’t use a setting spray, my makeup would literally melt off my face after just a few hours. Spritz your face after you’re down with your makeup and make it “sink” into your skin and make it stay in place for a significant amount of time. The powdery look disappears and will leave you with a more natural look. The cold spray feels refreshing on the skin which is always a plus. Your makeup will get a close to perfect finish that lasts all day long (and as promised- all night).

    I have earlier tried setting sprays from Elf and Skindinavia (that is the company behind this product along with Urban Decay) but they don’t seem to come near the All Nighter one. There are a few cheaper options for ever day use as well, Gerard Cosmetics and The Body Shop for example. I’ve never had the habit of touching up my makeup as the day goes by, apart from lip pencil but that’s about it. With this spray, I hardly even have to bother doing that. It keeps its’ promise and is worth every penny. I can also mention that I’ve recommended this product to some of my friends who tried it and they’re all more than pleased with it.

    + A holy-grail product, I don’t know how I’ve managed without it before.

    Also available in a handy travel-size as well.

    It’s no miracle product, it can’t stand tears for example.

    The Urban Decay All Nighter Setting Spray is a makeup favorite of mine, it can’t stand everything but keeps its’ promise of makeup staying in place all day. After a power-walk in rainy weather and my makeup managed to still look untouched afterward, the product gets my approval along with many other’s considering its’ popularity!

    Healthy easy smoothie bowl

    A real vitamin boost to start the day!

    Introducing my new addiction, probably two or so years behind everyone else. I’m finally starting to understand why everyone loves a good smoothie because I never have before. Actually more like the opposite because I realize now I didn’t have the right “ingredients”. Also, I’ve never been a huge fan of the thick consistency. Maybe it’s not the most beautiful smoothie in the world, but it’s hella good. I’ve started to use a quark-yoghurt in vanilla flavor as a base along with a banana mixed with frozen raspberries. The consistency is perfect and a little bit sour (depending on much raspberries you put in there). I garnished with some fresh strawberries, blueberries and chia seeds, exactly like I normally don’t do I just pour it in a mug, to be honest with you. Still as yummy, though!

    Now I’m going to prepare some avocado rice cakes for dinner because once you buy a net of avocado you have to eat them all at pretty much once or they all go bad… Sigh…

    My favorite artists

    Charmaine Olivia / /

    First and probably number one on the list (it changes all the time but she’s always in the top). I think I can somehow recognize myself in her since she was the first artist I started following and really admire. The way she creates art is always so interesting, new-thinking and not ever boring. I especially love artwork that is a little bit older (about 2-3 years back), as the painting “Kudra” probably is my favorite painting of all time. It would be a dream to witness one of her gallery shows in real life one day!

    Pippa McManus / /

    McManus is a popular illustrator that creates artwork after fashion. According to me, her work keeps getting better and better by every piece. She never leaves you bored and how could you with all of the patterns, colors, and techniques? I love her unique technique with what I’m guessing is coal and acrylics. Her work is definitely one of my favorites and I would love to have some of it up on my walls, especially “Petal Playground” and “Ultraviolet Love” which are my favorites by her.

    Anya Brock / /

    If you’re ever for the hunt of paintings for your interior, Brock is the expert on creating these. Slightly on the abstract side with extreme strong colors are some of her characteristics. You can even find murals by her on Bondi Beach in Australia for example (I don’t know whether it’s still there or not, though). I usually have a hard time liking abstract portraits, especially the ones on animals. She, on the other hand, inspires me in a way to find the courage to experiment with colors and create more art for the interior. How stylish wouldn’t it be having one of these up on your walls? I wouldn’t say no!

    Like the headline already reveals, I wanted to share my favorites artists with you.

    Maybe you’ll even discover your new favorite one. If so you’re welcome! I’m for some reason happy with the fact that all of the happened to be women. Especially when it’s the men that ruled and became more known in the history of the arts. These women, on the other hand, knows how to paint and create interesting, beautiful and inspiring artwork according to me. I love all of their styles and also the fact that they’re extremely different from one and another.

    When my own inspiration and motivation runs short, it is sometimes a help to look at other peoples’ work. Though it’s hard to constantly keep yourself motivated enough to finish a project since it’s so many pieces to the puzzle that is life. If I spend most of my days at work, for example, I ruin my painting rhythm completely. My motivation becomes non-existant and the procrastination takes its’ place again. But tomorrow is a new day and it’s back to business…

    Do you have a favorite artist, and if so, who?

    I’m longing for…

    Pictures from last Spring when I took my new camera out for a spin.

    …Spring! Probably just like everyone else at this point I’m suspecting. I miss the heat, sunlight, and greens… My mood literally goes from 0-100 and you suddenly feel free again. I’m trying to stay positive even in this weather but these months are the dullest ones of them all, unfortunately.

    …Fifty Shades Darker. Me and one of my girlfriends bought tickets for the sneaky premiere on Tuesday. It’s going to be so much fun and awaited (about two years too long?). It’s also going to be fun in the sense that it’s been over two years since I finished reading the books. Since I read all three in less than a week it’s a bit blurry about that happens in what book, so I will be surprised no matter what!

    …Walks out in the sun. It’s a real luxury to have sunny days, at least in my country. Sweden isn’t exactly generous when it comes to sunny days. And with sunny days I also mean two digits plus degrees, which not entirely surprisingly can be rare here as well.

    …A concert. I haven’t booked one yet since I’ve been going back and forth. My and one of my friends decided we were going to try to get tickets to Ed Sheeran, but I accidentally told her the wrong date. On which, she was busy. Anyhow, I really want to go to a Beyoncé concert but since she’s expecting twins, a tour is probably not going to happen in a very long time, unfortunately… Oh well, someone else good should tour sometime soon!

    …Dumping my winter jacket. Something I also tend to look forward to the same time I’m forced to put it on. in October/November. Fall- and Spring outfits are by far the most fun and stylish if you ask me!

    Like I said before I’m trying to be more positive and live in the now. There are of course pros and cons with the winter as well… You have a reason to snuggle inside with warm blankets, read good books and light candles for example. Or binge-watch Sons of Anarchy exactly like I’m going to do right now and that with a good conscious! Just one season left… Is there something special you’re looking forward to as Spring and Summer are slowly approaching?

    Three quick makeup tricks

     My favorite makeup brushes are from Real Techniques.

    Accidentally went overboard with contouring for your taste? Don’t wipe everything off just yet! Just grab your powder brush with the powder you normally use (the one you use to set your face with, in your own skin color) and blend your contour with your highlight. The results will be more natural and with much less contrast. I tend to use this trick every time I contour my nose, which makes it look naturally slimmer without the contour looking painted on.

    Did you accidentally get eyeshadow fall-out under your eyes and cheeks? Or maybe you’re just like me, liking to finish your base before starting on your eyes? Just use a fan brush and brush away any fall-out. Though, when you’re doing your base first, try to minimize the fall-outs as much as possible. You can do this by not applying too much eyeshadow on your brush or hold a sheet of paper under your eyes while doing your application (especially for shimmers and glitter, I use this trick all the time). You can also go ahead and do your eyes while baking your undereye area and just brush away the loose powder with the fall-outs when you’re done! Though, if you’re on top of the trends on Youtube and Instagram I’m certain you already knew that one.

    Is your eyeshadow not pigmented enough for the look you’re going for? The solution is to dampen your brush before applying your eyeshadow! If you own a Mac Fix+ you can use that as well.  This works for every eyeshadow for more pigmentation. I tend to use this trick especially when using shimmers or glitters to really make it stick and stand out. It works like a charm, every time! A primer is also something to prefer when trying to get your eyeshadow more pigmented (and longer lasting).

    Do you have any special tricks when it comes to makeup? Please do share!

    I ♥ embellishment

    Embellished playsuit from Asos, their own brand.

    When you don’t feel like wearing the little black one… You wear the nicest number in your wardrobe instead! Especially when there’s a special occasion, something a little more exciting is a must. This short playsuit is that one piece for me if you ignore the fact that it weighs a ton and you can barely move in it. The playsuit is way too short for me to wear it like it is without something under or over it. I did end up using it on Christmas day (which is the biggest day out of the year to go clubbing in Sweden), with of course some wardrobe malfunctions when you’re the most rushed and stressed out.

    Since the playsuit has a zipper that goes all the way up to my neck, my mom helped me the night before to put some push buttons in the crouch. Simply so I wouldn’t have to have someone with me the entire night to zip me down and up when needed. Of course, I was dumb enough not to try it on when the push buttons were done. So when I came home late that night after a Christmas celebration with relatives and was finally going to put it on, I couldn’t do the buttons. Like it wouldn’t stay closed because it was so short and therefore very narrow? Anyways, I was running late so I had to sew it closed again like it was from the beginning. I wore a short skirt over the bottom and knee-high boots, so I felt pretty good anyways. Five minutes later I was out the door and ready to party (a lot less drunk than intended because of this little incident) All the work was pretty much undone and for nothing. I did end up having to have someone with me the entire night to zip me up and down anyways… The poor thing.

    But really, is there anything hotter than embellishments (and leather… and knee-high boots of course)? It’s the best thing I know and I look for it in almost everything I buy nowadays. As soon as I laid eyes on that one playsuit I knew I had to have it. I probably never got as many compliments in one night as I got the night I wore this, both from boys and girls! I just wish I hadn’t had hair malfunction that night as well… Otherwise completo! What is your favorite number you save for special occasions?

    Universal Studios Hollywood

    The view from the park of Hollywood and their film studios.

    One of the biggest highlights in 2016 was a trip to Universal Studios my family did while we were on a short trip to the United States. I assume most if you are familiar with the Universal Studios and their fun theme park. Though, I realize now I did very little research since I had no idea there were several attractions and other fun stuff. I thought the tour around the studios was the whole shebang. Oh, how wrong I was! I didn’t have high expectations at all, so I was pleasantly surprised by what the park had to offer.

    I had so much fun, I can’t wait for my next trip. It was, without any doubt, one of the biggest highlights of our whole trip to the states. The funfairs in Sweden feels like nothing compared if you even can compare them two? Everything in the states is obviously so much bigger and just more of everything. They never seem to hold much back, both good and bad. In this case, more the merrier though. If you ever get the chance to come here, take it. You won’t regret it, I can promise you that. Even if you might not be the biggest fan of every movie they have there, you will be once you’re there. There’s something magical about that place really… Yes, even for adults.

    The pond is where they recorded the ‘Jaws’-movies + Airplane crash 

    + The Fast & The Furious garage.

    In the garage happened probably the craziest thing I’ve ever experienced. I had no idea you would actually go on a ride while being on the tour around the studios, I thought that was it. But I was really wrong. There was a 3D scenario inside, which was extremely surprising since I had no idea. We got 3D glasses to put on and while being inside it was completely dark with huge screens along the walls. This time they played a scenario where the King Kong gorilla and Jurassic Park dinosaurs had a fight and everything felt and looked so real. All too real. It really felt like they were there as you got eye contact with one of them as they grabbed the wagon we sat in. It all felt so real. Crazy but at the same time so much fun. At that time I could hardly tell the difference between what was real or not, the reason why I was genuinely freaked out. Really embarrassing, haha… 

    The beautiful castle that is Hogwarts.

    One of the highlights at Universal Studios was the wizarding world of Harry Potter. Crazy beautiful. And so well done. All the details are absolutely stunning. I must admit it felt a little bit weird when there’s over 30 degrees celsius with burning sun and there’s fake snow on the roofs. Harry Potter movies usually have the cold English feel to them, but the beauty of it makes up for it. And yes, even the paintings inside the castle moved.

    I actually haven’t even seen all the Harry Potter movies, so I can’t exactly state I’m a huge fan at all. Though, I couldn’t help but become one while I was there. You cannot escape the magical feeling when you’re walking around the wizarding world. I look forward to hopefully going to the Harry Potter world as Warner Bros. Studios while being in London next time!

    Funland, where all the minions were and the place where I bought all my gifts for my nephew!

     So this were some of my selected photos from my time at Universal Studios in Hollywood. I didn’t want this post to be a mile long, so I only picked out my favorites. Photo friendly places are sometimes dangerous… I love how we almost went there on the day they have their Horror Nights that was taking place the day after… Puh… I probably would’ve died of a heart attack or something. Americans usually take everything to the next level like I mentioned before. This time it would probably be in a bad way…

    Like I said before, I can’t wait to get back to this place. I feel like I didn’t explore enough, even after spending an entire day at the park. It’ll probably take a while ’til I get there the next time, but oh well. I hope you’ll take the chance to go there if you get one. I promise you, it’s worth every single penny!