Three quick makeup tricks

 My favorite makeup brushes are from Real Techniques.

Accidentally went overboard with contouring for your taste? Don’t wipe everything off just yet! Just grab your powder brush with the powder you normally use (the one you use to set your face with, in your own skin color) and blend your contour with your highlight. The results will be more natural and with much less contrast. I tend to use this trick every time I contour my nose, which makes it look naturally slimmer without the contour looking painted on.

Did you accidentally get eyeshadow fall-out under your eyes and cheeks? Or maybe you’re just like me, liking to finish your base before starting on your eyes? Just use a fan brush and brush away any fall-out. Though, when you’re doing your base first, try to minimize the fall-outs as much as possible. You can do this by not applying too much eyeshadow on your brush or hold a sheet of paper under your eyes while doing your application (especially for shimmers and glitter, I use this trick all the time). You can also go ahead and do your eyes while baking your undereye area and just brush away the loose powder with the fall-outs when you’re done! Though, if you’re on top of the trends on Youtube and Instagram I’m certain you already knew that one.

Is your eyeshadow not pigmented enough for the look you’re going for? The solution is to dampen your brush before applying your eyeshadow! If you own a Mac Fix+ you can use that as well.  This works for every eyeshadow for more pigmentation. I tend to use this trick especially when using shimmers or glitters to really make it stick and stand out. It works like a charm, every time! A primer is also something to prefer when trying to get your eyeshadow more pigmented (and longer lasting).

Do you have any special tricks when it comes to makeup? Please do share!

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