Duele el corazón

Them macros will have to do.

And the weekend came again after all. I bet no one is grieving that fact tho. After a workweek on the tougher side is the weekend much welcomed. I’ve been planning to do everything I don’t feel like doing during the weekdays (on the days when working especially), but I still manage to find myself in front of the computer doing nothing useful. Everything is in its’ order then…

This weekend I’ve so far… Missed the sun. Sobbed while watching ‘Me Before You’. Painted, painted and painted a little more. Been makeup-free. Cursed and stressed over a hockey game. Thought about dying my hair. Relaxed to the maximum. Related to Bridget Jones. Wanted to take a walk. Eaten chocolate instead. Took that walk anyways. Watched way too many episodes of  The O.C. Had the biggest urge to go shopping. Wanted to take the next plane to Spain or Italy. Spent hours on Pinterest. Listened to one of my favorite song ‘Duele el corazón’ on repeat. Felt inspired. Written a pointless blog post. Go weekend!

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