I ♥ embellishment

Embellished playsuit from Asos, their own brand.

When you don’t feel like wearing the little black one… You wear the nicest number in your wardrobe instead! Especially when there’s a special occasion, something a little more exciting is a must. This short playsuit is that one piece for me if you ignore the fact that it weighs a ton and you can barely move in it. The playsuit is way too short for me to wear it like it is without something under or over it. I did end up using it on Christmas day (which is the biggest day out of the year to go clubbing in Sweden), with of course some wardrobe malfunctions when you’re the most rushed and stressed out.

Since the playsuit has a zipper that goes all the way up to my neck, my mom helped me the night before to put some push buttons in the crouch. Simply so I wouldn’t have to have someone with me the entire night to zip me down and up when needed. Of course, I was dumb enough not to try it on when the push buttons were done. So when I came home late that night after a Christmas celebration with relatives and was finally going to put it on, I couldn’t do the buttons. Like it wouldn’t stay closed because it was so short and therefore very narrow? Anyways, I was running late so I had to sew it closed again like it was from the beginning. I wore a short skirt over the bottom and knee-high boots, so I felt pretty good anyways. Five minutes later I was out the door and ready to party (a lot less drunk than intended because of this little incident) All the work was pretty much undone and for nothing. I did end up having to have someone with me the entire night to zip me up and down anyways… The poor thing.

But really, is there anything hotter than embellishments (and leather… and knee-high boots of course)? It’s the best thing I know and I look for it in almost everything I buy nowadays. As soon as I laid eyes on that one playsuit I knew I had to have it. I probably never got as many compliments in one night as I got the night I wore this, both from boys and girls! I just wish I hadn’t had hair malfunction that night as well… Otherwise completo! What is your favorite number you save for special occasions?