My favorite artists

Charmaine Olivia / /

First and probably number one on the list (it changes all the time but she’s always in the top). I think I can somehow recognize myself in her since she was the first artist I started following and really admire. The way she creates art is always so interesting, new-thinking and not ever boring. I especially love artwork that is a little bit older (about 2-3 years back), as the painting “Kudra” probably is my favorite painting of all time. It would be a dream to witness one of her gallery shows in real life one day!

Pippa McManus / /

McManus is a popular illustrator that creates artwork after fashion. According to me, her work keeps getting better and better by every piece. She never leaves you bored and how could you with all of the patterns, colors, and techniques? I love her unique technique with what I’m guessing is coal and acrylics. Her work is definitely one of my favorites and I would love to have some of it up on my walls, especially “Petal Playground” and “Ultraviolet Love” which are my favorites by her.

Anya Brock / /

If you’re ever for the hunt of paintings for your interior, Brock is the expert on creating these. Slightly on the abstract side with extreme strong colors are some of her characteristics. You can even find murals by her on Bondi Beach in Australia for example (I don’t know whether it’s still there or not, though). I usually have a hard time liking abstract portraits, especially the ones on animals. She, on the other hand, inspires me in a way to find the courage to experiment with colors and create more art for the interior. How stylish wouldn’t it be having one of these up on your walls? I wouldn’t say no!

Like the headline already reveals, I wanted to share my favorites artists with you.

Maybe you’ll even discover your new favorite one. If so you’re welcome! I’m for some reason happy with the fact that all of the happened to be women. Especially when it’s the men that ruled and became more known in the history of the arts. These women, on the other hand, knows how to paint and create interesting, beautiful and inspiring artwork according to me. I love all of their styles and also the fact that they’re extremely different from one and another.

When my own inspiration and motivation runs short, it is sometimes a help to look at other peoples’ work. Though it’s hard to constantly keep yourself motivated enough to finish a project since it’s so many pieces to the puzzle that is life. If I spend most of my days at work, for example, I ruin my painting rhythm completely. My motivation becomes non-existant and the procrastination takes its’ place again. But tomorrow is a new day and it’s back to business…

Do you have a favorite artist, and if so, who?