I’m longing for…

Pictures from last Spring when I took my new camera out for a spin.

…Spring! Probably just like everyone else at this point I’m suspecting. I miss the heat, sunlight, and greens… My mood literally goes from 0-100 and you suddenly feel free again. I’m trying to stay positive even in this weather but these months are the dullest ones of them all, unfortunately.

…Fifty Shades Darker. Me and one of my girlfriends bought tickets for the sneaky premiere on Tuesday. It’s going to be so much fun and awaited (about two years too long?). It’s also going to be fun in the sense that it’s been over two years since I finished reading the books. Since I read all three in less than a week it’s a bit blurry about that happens in what book, so I will be surprised no matter what!

…Walks out in the sun. It’s a real luxury to have sunny days, at least in my country. Sweden isn’t exactly generous when it comes to sunny days. And with sunny days I also mean two digits plus degrees, which not entirely surprisingly can be rare here as well.

…A concert. I haven’t booked one yet since I’ve been going back and forth. My and one of my friends decided we were going to try to get tickets to Ed Sheeran, but I accidentally told her the wrong date. On which, she was busy. Anyhow, I really want to go to a Beyoncé concert but since she’s expecting twins, a tour is probably not going to happen in a very long time, unfortunately… Oh well, someone else good should tour sometime soon!

…Dumping my winter jacket. Something I also tend to look forward to the same time I’m forced to put it on. in October/November. Fall- and Spring outfits are by far the most fun and stylish if you ask me!

Like I said before I’m trying to be more positive and live in the now. There are of course pros and cons with the winter as well… You have a reason to snuggle inside with warm blankets, read good books and light candles for example. Or binge-watch Sons of Anarchy exactly like I’m going to do right now and that with a good conscious! Just one season left… Is there something special you’re looking forward to as Spring and Summer are slowly approaching?